Not the Big Name at BlogHer ’12

I have attended a few blogging events and the number one question is “What is your blog about?”  I usually answer, “Me.”  I then have to explain that my blog is seriously under loved and I use it to play with plug-ins and test things out.


I don’t mind writing but for the last 10 years I have felt the need to protect myself.  We were constantly in court with Mike’s ex and as much as I liked being online I needed to protect myself.  Over the years this need was replaced by the need to learn and network. When Mike lost his job one month before Little Dude was born we freaked out.  I had never been so far away from the job market.  Until I had kids I always had a  job – since I was 14 years old.

But with  the new baby we now had 5 kids and a 6th we pay serious child support for with no break even when Mike made less.  How the eff was I going to make money?

I turned to the things I do best a) learning and b) the computer and started learning as much as I could.  I used social media to network and connect with people outside my SAHM world.

That was 4 yrs ago last month.  In that time I have worked with Kate Hall at, started a small consulting business and am now starting a FT position at Aquent as an agent recruiting.

None of this happened because I posted everyday to my blog or became a household name.  Instead, my little personal blog helped me build the skills I needed to get back into the workforce when my family was ready.

BlogHer ’12

was huge and that was  ok by me as I like my anonymity. I got to meet some ‘old’ friends IRL and make some new ones. But most importantly I was able to hear some incredible stories of how individuals leveraged their sites/blogs to take them new places.  Blogging, like anything in life, is what you make it.

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  • ChickyMara

    That’s the reason I started my first blog.  To put my opinions on branding and customer experience out in the world.  I don’t think there are any small bloggers. Just small fonts. And small minds. And big egos.

    • Kate

      I love this line, “I don’t think there are any small bloggers. Just small fonts. And small minds. And big egos.”
      And I love you! You make the world a brighter place.

  • Maija @ Maija’s Mommy Moments

    So happy to have met you and very excited to hear all about your new working mom adventure!

    • Kate

      Maija, You were the perfect boost. I’m so glad we met and for all of your great feedback.

      xoxo – Kate

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