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King Bed - and that's my share

Part of my parenting style has been co-sleeping. It was not a plan I had just what felt right. When B was 4mos Mike wanted to put him in the crib so Mike could get some sleep. I burst into tears and it lasted about 20 minutes. Around 10 months I’m pretty sure B told us to put him in his own bed. If you know B this is probably true.

A on the other hand still does not like to sleep alone. Which is a bit problematic since she also likes to sleep with the light on and the others don’t. M and M2 naturally progressed and I think the idea of moving in with siblings motivated them so by the time they were two they were eager to sleep in big kid beds instead of with us.

But Little Dude is a whole different story.  He refuses to sleep anywhere but in our bed. And he is miserable to sleep with. He talks in his sleep, he tucks his feet in my pajama bottoms, he does 360s, he sleeps on my head, he throws his arm over my neck…. all in the same night!  Some nights in he will start in his bed but he ALWAYS ends up in our bed. I would force the issue but I have another issue. Little Dude isn’t quite growing at a normal rate. He’s barely growing at any rate. And when do you get a surge in GH production? When you sleep. So, I feel like getting Little Dude to get good night of sleep trumps where he sleeps and if I get a good night of sleep. I’m guessing some day he’ll want to sleep with another person and won’t want me around!

This post, Baby Sleep Positions, from recently made the rounds on FB with images from How To Be a Dad.

"H is for Hell" from

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